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How Colonic Irrigation Helps the Body

Over the decades, the practice of colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy has been gaining popularity. Despite having been practiced in select communities, the procedure has been gaining popularity at a very slow pace a fact that maybe attributed to lack of scientific evidence on its benefits.

What Is Colonic Irrigation

This is an artificial process of cleaning the body’s digestive system. During the process, water is induced into the system through the rectum. Herbs and coffee maybe used alongside the water and this is used to make it more effective. Up to 60 gallons of water are used in the process and this maybe left to rest for some time in the colon before it is removed. It is in its removal that any waste material lying within the walls of the digestive system is removed.

Why Is Colon Cleansing Essential

• Toxins within the body’s digestive system are attributed to a variety of health problems. Among them is asthma, allergies and arthritis. After these toxins are removed from the body, energy levels are considered effectively increases and in the same regard increasing he body’s immune system.

• Despite the digestive system having capability to undertake its own cleansing process, a few remnants of waste still remain. When accumulated for long, they become toxic and enter the blood stream leading to development of various health implications. Such include headache, weight gain, and fatigue.

• Once the accumulated waste is removed from the digestive system, room for better nutrients absorption is created. This also removes any accumulation that may lead to development of illnesses and harmful bacterial. With a detoxified system, absorption is made much better and hence the body gets more nutrients.

• Constipation is a common digestive problem that affects most people. When this happens, the digestive response becomes sluggish leaving behind waste to accumulate on the walls of the digestive system. In such instances the waste left behind creates room for accumulation of toxins that are absorbed to the bloodstream posing the risk of developing illnesses. Hence cleaning the colon removes all this waste leaving a healthier system.

• The body constantly requires energy for better concentration. For this to happen, the digestive system must be able to absorb al the nutrients it requires. As such, colonic irrigation helps detoxify the digestive system hence the brain is better nourished improving concentration on daily activities.

• Accumulated foods normally cause the body to have high concentrations of acid. When not taken care of this causes imbalances to the pH value of your blood and in the same way functionality of the body. This may cause inflammation to various parts of the body and a risk to development of varying ailments including cancer.

The Process of Colonic Cleansing

The cleaning process is a process that clearly outlined and approved by the FDA. This is done to ensure safety standards are observed hence give an option to enjoy the benefits that come with the process. Here is an outline of the procedure as administered in various clinics

1. Upon presenting yourself, you are taken through the procedure outline and what is required before it commences. This is done by professional staff with full understanding of what the procedure entails.

2. After this briefing. You are given time to prepare. This will include among other things removing clothes and dressing in a clean gown provided. After this you should comfortable lie down on the bed. A reclining bed is available hence you choose your most comfortable position.

3. With or without assistance, insert the rectal tube and as such you are ready for the cleansing.

4. Warm water is let in gradually. The warmth and pressure is regulated to fit your comfort by the attending assistant.

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5. Sensations such as nervousness need to defecate. Taking a deep breath helps a great way as well as consulting with the attendant on any unclear issue.

6. During the process which takes approximately 45 minutes, waste will be collected in the release tank leaving your system clean from any remnants.

7. Clean up where option to shower is available and all the necessities provided.

8. After the process, you will get time to relax, a drink with minerals, probiotics and minerals to replace ones lost in the cleaning process. Recommendation on the best diet and [post care requirements are then provided to end the session.


Though the practice is yet to be widely accepted, colonic irrigation comes with its own benefits. However it is important to ensure that the services are sought from a registered and accredited facility. This will ensure it is offered as per laid down structures and reduce chances of developing complications. We recommend if you are looking for a colon hydrotherapy Sydney then check out Angela from Well and Truly

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